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A Creative Agency Will Get You Noticed and the Benefits Don’t Stop There

April 7, 2020
By Frank Rodriguez
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First, what is a creative agency? 

We like to think of a creative agency as a Swiss army knife for all of your branding, advertising, and marketing needs. Some firms have specialties. But essentially, most professional creative agencies provide the core essentials to help their clients build a more reliable brand. 

A Creative Agency can add value to your business. 

Just think of the awesome power of having a creative team at your beck and call. A group of creative directors, graphic designers, copywriters, motion designers, and digital advertising specialists that you don’t need to hire full-time. Have you ever tried something outside your wheelhouse that took an enormous amount of time and energy? Consequently, you realized that you didn’t get the professional results you expected. An agency can tackle creative projects big and small and get them done right the first time. It’s essential to have your best face forward at all times because you never know when that whale of a client decides to evaluate your online presence.

75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on the company’s web design Speaking of online presence, it takes a team to ensure there’s brand continuity. Prospective clients might be evaluating your brand from any one of your channels, so it’s important that they are all up to par. The search can bring potential clients across your Google business page, social media banners, business profiles, SEM, and more. Working with a qualified creative agency means you’ll be getting access to a senior-level creative team with years of design experience that know this world inside out. As we always say, continuity is key to superb brand management.

a creative agency is like adding rocket fuel to your brand!

Empower yourself with good design.

Good design has a meaningful impact on prospective buyers. It also will give you the confidence you never had. This will allow you to spend more time with what you’re good at, while also having the confidence a creative team has your back. This team takes your brand’s creative needs seriously and is supporting you every step of the way. Also, giving you more initiative to show your brand off  – like when you got your first new car.  

Don’t sweat the setup.

A creative agency has a suite of tools that you don’t need to acquire. Naturally, setting up a design studio is expensive and takes a lot of research. A lot of work goes into pairing the right hardware and software in order to run a sophisticated operation. In addition, we subscribe to the latest cloud-based tools that help us optimize your content for distribution. We want your advertising to be effective and not just a gamble. 

Professionally produced assets can go a long way and save you money

Every ad campaign begins with a discovery, accessing your brand from the ground up. From there, a creative director, copywriter, and design team create a strategy and direction to move forward with.  Design systems will begin to develop and evolve over time when creating assets for your organization. Think of a design system like a library.

Essentially, all the layouts, designs, graphics, iconography, and other media will go into a repository and checked out whenever you need an asset. These assets can also be re-purposed by manipulating the files to accommodate new creative directions. This is a huge cost saving over time because we already have a road map in place. Designers can iterate new designs more efficiently based on your current inventory. Some projects will need to be created from scratch. However, the inspiration is already there! 

Specialties are just icing on the cake. 

As I mentioned at the beginning, a creative agency will have a specialty. At Mighty Fine Design Co., Motion Graphics is another creative service that we offer. We have seen first hand how effective it is at communicating a dense message in a short amount of time. And for everyone to understand it the first time, whether they are 8 or 80 years old. It’s another powerful tool to get your message out in the world. 

Not all creative agencies are the same.

I suggest doing some research and finding an agency that aligns with your brand and your company culture. Reviewing an agency’s digital portfolio will give you a better understanding of the type of work they produce. Clutch is an excellent resource for researching creative firms. Why? Because Clutch verifies the reviews. This means that companies cannot manipulate their reviews. Unfortunately, there are a lot of firms that tout themselves as a creative agency. Sometimes they are glorified search engine marketing companies that lack senior-level creatives and cater to a less sophisticated client set. 

We love to make you look good. 

As you can see there are many ways a Creative Agency can help your business. I’m always amazed when I talk with other creatives because I can see their passion when they talk about client work. That doesn’t happen in every industry. We love it when clients are stoked with new designs or a complete brand refresh. It’s no different than a comedian working a room and getting the laughs — it feels great.  Do you have any questions about your brand’s image or messaging? We would appreciate an opportunity to discuss your next project — it’s our job, and our passion! 

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