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Understanding the Value of Good Web Design

August 1, 2018
By John Hawley
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You have a few milliseconds to make the right impression.

There’s only one chance to make the right first impression. Whether dressing sharp for a job interview or meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time. Getting off on the right foot from the start is crucial. Good web design is the key to making that first impression count.

You only have a whopping .05 seconds to get people’s attention — and keep it.

A website is like your calling card on the internet. It’s likely the first thing new customers encounter. This means it’s also a great opportunity to make a great first and lasting impression. If your website’s design falls short, you might lose that potential customer to another business that’s got ‘all the right’ stuff.

Customers will leave if they aren’t impressed with the design.

The product or service you’re offering could be the Next Big Thing, but if your website looks like it’s stuck in the ’90s, people will think you are too.

Not convinced?

Well, you’re still here, so we must be doing something right.

Look at it this way, which of the two dentistry sites below are you more likely to trust taking care of your teeth with the most up-to-date technology?

Good web design is easy for customers to discern. Don't get caught off guard with a poor website design!
We’re going to take a wild guess, and say the website on the right is the right choice. Good web design makes snap decisions easy!

Ever judge a website by its cover? (Hint: Don’t feel bad. Everyone does.)

Good design is king when it comes to making the best possible first impression on the web. Web design accounts for an overwhelming 94% of how first impressions are formed over on the web. Unless your business is incredibly niche, the chances are that your customer will be shopping around a few different websites. That is to say, it’s all the more important to make sure your website’s design is up to par, and ahead of the curve when compared to similar businesses in your field.


Design can have a tremendous effect on how a potential customer perceives your business and it can set their expectations. For instance, expectations are set when you first walk into a Ritz Carlton or other luxury hotels. You are expecting an excellent experience and nothing else. The same holds true when someone walks through your virtual front door. You should ask yourself, can my website play on a National Stage or does it look local? We always design around the idea that our clients are competing on a national stage. No matter the size of the company. That’s why it’s essential to hire a creative agency if you don’t have the capability in-house.

Website credibility is based on design.

Simply put, good web design enhances your business’s credibility over others. And we aren’t saying that just because we’re designers ourselves. This is judgment holds true for a grand majority of people using the internet. A Stanford study shows that 75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on the company’s web design. It’s the difference between showing up to a client meeting in smart business attire or showing up in shabby leisurewear.  You only have one chance to make a great first impression!

The fix is in the design.

The solution is pretty straightforward. Shockingly enough, it’s just having a well-designed website. You heard that right — good web design is key. Improving your website’s design is the single most effective method of preventing users leaving your site based on a snap judgment. Good design always includes professionally produced assets, such as photography, video and animation. The following are pillars of all sites with good web design.

good web design components
Consistency, thoughtful design thinking, and professionally produced assets are the most effective tools for making sure your web design is up-to-par.


Speed, or rather how fast your website pages load, is another key factor to prevent people from bouncing. It’s absolutely crucial to have your site running quickly because your visitors aren’t interested in waiting. Page speed is one of the key factors on whether your users will stay or bounce. So simply put, if your website is faster than you’re competitors, you immediately have a leg up over them. If your site runs on WordPress and you’re looking for ways to making your site run a little smoother, here are some tips to getting your website up to speed.


The cliche “Consistency is key” exists for a reason. Because it’s true. Not only for good web design but also for every field of design. Delivering a consistent experience is pivotal for your website, both visually and functionally. Fonts, colors, copy, navigation, everything, and anything users interact with. Make it a consistent experience every time. Otherwise, the site might be perceived as visually confusing and breaking brand continuity.

Thoughtful Design

Good web design is more than just pleasing to the eye. It’s also intuitive, and easy to get around. We call this UX in the business — User Experience. Everything that we are discussing here involves UX consideration.

Remember, web design accounts for 94% of first impressions.

Consumer turnoffs include weak introductory content, small type, long and tedious text, poor spacing, no continuity and a site that has no soul – think PowerPoint. You can avoid these mishaps by thinking critically about your online strategy and allocating the resources to have a professionally designed website.

Professionally Produced

Your website is only as strong as its weakest link. It can have an amazing photograph in the header, but if amateur iPhone pictures populate the rest of the site, then, unfortunately, that’s the impression visitors will leave with.

Final Thoughts

These are a few ideas on website design, and we hope you can put them to good use and make a good first impression. Speaking of first impressions, we’d love to hear from you.

Check out our portfolio of thoughtful web design.

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