We design ideas that move—and move people.

It speaks visually, so anyone, anywhere in the world can understand your message. Take Explainer Videos, for instance. These are animations that communicate a message in a short, memorable, easy-to-understand way—with personality and pizzaz. We can place your story in any environment and use graphic metaphors to explain complex ideas.

Bound by nothing but our imaginations, we can’t wait to see how we can move you and your brand.

Motion Magic We’ve Created

Having fun with a Tampa classic.

Our Process

From conception to distribution, ES Creative is with you every step of the way. Here’s how we make sure your next animation is a resounding success.


Creative Teamwork

A team of writers and designers work together to give your brand a voice and bring it to life. First, we script a story that delivers your message with simplicity and keeps your audience engaged. We talk about the important stuff—like your core services and unique selling points—and with the help of our studio artists and illustrators, we make sure the viewer not only understands the message but enjoys it from beginning to end.



Our team will craft a script that will bring your story to life. Our copywriters can clarify your message as succinctly as possible, explain your core services and express your unique selling points, without losing your viewer’s interest.


Concept Art

Script. Check. Style. Check. Visual Assets. Check. We map your story, frame by frame, to avoid speed bumps along the way and ensure a smooth transition from concept to digital. All aboard!



Once a style & direction is established and assets are created for final production. We then clearly and concisely map your story from beginning to end, frame by frame!



“It’s alive!” Everything is coming together. Our motion designers are bringing your visual assets to life while our audio engineers are designing the sound. It’s a sight to see and hear!



Ta-da! We’ve finished your Explainer Video, but your success story is just getting started. It’s time to share it with your target audience and begin reaping the rewards. We can help with distribution and provide analytical tools to track the progress.




I’m the Marketing Manager for the Glazer Children’s Museum and we recently hired Mighty Fine Design Co. for our summer campaign. From start to finish, we couldn’t have asked for a better team to execute this project. Each staff member was so in tune with our vision and made working together very comfortable. The final product delivered from their team was more than we could ever imagine! I applaud their attention to detail, professionalism, and kindness towards the nonprofit field.

Alyssa Ortiz

Glazer Children's Museum


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