Motion Graphics | Video Production

Motion graphics allow Nextech’s complex products to be explained simply.

Nextech has been one of our best clients, and it’s been a pleasure collaborating with their creative team. 

Our objective, from the start, has been creating motion graphics that effectively and clearly communicate their brand message and also help illustrate the value of their products. The knowledge base for their suite of products is dense. We were tasked with producing short videos that describe all their EMR and PM solutions along with their value propositions. The explainer videos live on most of the service pages within the Nextech website. And on the homepage, they have an overall brand essence video.

The value we brought to the table was being able to distill all of the information and serve it to their customers with easy-to-understand motion graphics. The key is to keep the messaging short and making sure they understand it with one interaction. We also made the videos accessible to a broad audience, as we picked design concepts that anyone can connect with. These videos create a gateway for people to take action. The possibilities are endless with motion graphics, and the creative direction is only limited by one’s imagination. Below is our latest motion design, as we begin to update some of the older content. 


Nextech’s Yearly EDGE Conferences

We also produce their annual Edge Conference animation every year. These videos play on three large screens and is used to prepare the audience for what to expect from the conference, and get them excited about the brand. They also act as an opener for the CEO. Below, you can check out the videos that we created for Edge for the past three years. 


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