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Just like the earth — Florida mountain biking trails are not flat.

The Stoked MTB brand was born from passion. Our goal is to create an all-encompassing resource for the Florida Mountain Biking Community and to get people stoked on the sport.

The genesis was to present the information with thoughtful design and good UX. We contrasted plenty of resources online, but they were hard to navigate, and a lot of the designs were aggressive and amateurish.

We here at Mighty Fine believe in the awesome power of good design and its ability to engage people on multiple levels. Good design can give any brand the confidence they did not have. And we are firm believers in delivering an intuitive user experience so we can lead people on a journey and get them the information they need quickly and elegantly. We are planning on extending this brand awareness to other states. Oh yeah, and we love mountain biking!

MTB for everyone.

With StokedMTB, we created everything from the ground up.

So naturally, we started with the logo — step one of the branding journey. While the overall hardcore mountain biker aesthetic leans a certain way, we knew that look is not representative of the spectrum of different kinds of riders out there.

We set out to create an all-inclusive aesthetic that could appeal to any rider — of any skill level, ethnicity, age, or gender. The goal was to develop something that was friendly, vibrant and exciting — and something that could get people stoked about MTB.

Of course, we followed through with that ideal when we created the icons and illustrations for the website.

(MTB) Sports, illustrated.

The above are select illustrations and icons that we created. These are used throughout the StokedMTB site. Naturally, we wanted to follow through with our all-inclusive style. We create the icons in a way that was vibrant, light-hearted and playful so that any type of Florida mountain biker could enjoy them.

Previous trail map design

StokedMTB trail map design

Exploring the trails should be as easy as reading a subway map.

Part of our mission with designing StokedMTB was re-designing the map system for the most popular mountain biking trails. Put simply, a lot of the trail maps out there are confusing because they are usually a literal translation of the trails itself. While riders who know the trail inside and out may find this the logical approach, it’s not very accessible to riders unfamiliar to the trail. The excess of details on the trails is overwhelming and does not add anything useful to the user. Unfortunately, this is made worse by a lack of way-finding on the trails.

Instead, we chose to focus on tackling the maps similar to a subway map. By simplifying the paths, we were able to create a map that allows users to focus on key points of what they actually need the map for — how to get to a trail, and where they are when they exit it. 

An online resource for all Florida mountain bikers.

And lastly, the website — the most important first impression for a company. As we said before, our goal with StokedMTB and the website was to create an invaluable resource for Florida mountain bikers. The site contains all of the essentials — Florida trail systems, local MTB clubs, along with riding tips and some DIY maintenance advice. Each trail page includes a summary of the trail, contact information,  photography and amenities that the trail offers.

Other notable pages include the shop, where we also designed all of the merchandise listed.

Select merch designed for StokedMTB.


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